About Stitchtrove

Stitchtrove is my passion project; I built it as a way of making my stitching journey easier.

I've been cross stitching for 8 years and found existing floss management apps to be fiddly and unreliable.

When it came to finding new patterns to stitch, existing platforms only cared about pushing poor quality patterns for profit and I wanted a way of browsing patterns from reputable designers.

So I created Stitchtrove; not to make a huge profit or run as a full-time business, but as a personal project that hopefully other stitchers can benefit from too.

Contributing to Stitchtrove Pattern Database

Collecting all the data for cross stitch patterns is a huge job, to grow our database we need contributions from pattern designers.

If you are an artist who offers free patterns on your website, please get in touch at our instagram, we will do all the data entry for you, all you need to do is say Hi.

If you would like to support Stitchtrove financially, we will soon be accepting donations.

Donations will be spent on keeping Stitchtrove online through hosting fees.

Contributing Financially

As a passion project, I don't plan on selling ads, analytics or anything else.

It does, however, cost money to run; I pay to keep it going out of my own money and am happy to do so.

If you enjoy using Stitchtrove and would like to support financially, we will soon be accepting donations.

All donations will be spent on keeping Stitchtrove online through hosting fees.

The Technical Stuff

Stitchtrove is built using Laravel 9, Livewire, Alpine, UIKit and is hosted using DigitalOcean and Cloudflare SSL.

We do NOT use Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels or any other kind of tracking rubbish.

We collect the absolute minimal data which is kept safe and private.

Making the most of Stitchtrove

Please enjoy the platform and we welcome any feedback.

Happy Stitching!
Amy, the Stitchtrove dev x