About Stitchtrove

If you've been cross stitching for a while, you have no doubt searched the web to browse and buy patterns.

The problem with many online marketplaces that sell patterns is that they are full of algorithms, creating competition that only encouraging spending to boost their profits.

That's not what we're about.

If you search for a pattern with us, we'll show you everything we have related to your query.

We won't hide artists who don't have 95% response rates, or push sellers to the front who've paid for that extra boost.

We are an equal opportunity platform where all artists are the same, whether they have 1 pattern or 100.

Contributing to Stitchtrove

Collecting all the data for cross stitch patterns is a huge job, to grow our database we need contributions from pattern designers.

If you are an artist who offers free patterns on your website, please get in touch at our instagram, we will do all the data entry for you, all you need to do is say Hi.

If you would like to support Stitchtrove financially, we will soon be accepting donations.

Donations will be spent on keeping Stitchtrove online through hosting fees.

The Technical Stuff

Stitchtrove is built using Laravel 9, Livewire, Alpine, UIKit and is hosted using DigitalOcean.