What's a stitchalong?

Stitchalongs are a super fun and social way to work on a cross stitch project with a group of people! A stitchalong, or SAL for short, is a virtual gathering of fellow cross stitch enthusiasts who work on the same pattern or project at the same time.

Usually, a stitchalong is organized by someone in the cross stitch community who picks a pattern and sets a start date for everyone to begin stitching. This could be a blogger, an Instagrammer, or just a passionate cross stitcher who wants to share their love for the craft with others.

Once the start date arrives, participants begin stitching on their own, but they can share their progress, ask for help or advice, and chat with other stitchers in the stitchalong's online community. Some stitchalongs have a specific timeline or deadline, while others are more relaxed and allow stitchers to work at their own pace.

One of the best things about a stitchalong is that you get to see so many different interpretations of the same pattern! Even if everyone is using the same chart, each finished piece will look unique because of the individual stitcher's fabric choice, floss colors, and stitching style.