Photo of Morbid Curiosities cross stitch pattern


Starts on 01/05/2023 and ends 15/09/2023


French knots

Come on a journey of the macabre and see a collection of natural specimens that show the beauty of nature and death. This Stitch-A-Long (SAL) is all about Cabinet of Curiosities - those shelves, cabinets, or rooms stuffed full of creepy anatomy, wet specimens, bones, natural elements and other odd collectables.

Colours required: 39

Recommended Fabric: aida - Recommended fabric is a darker one. If its helpful, the model is stitched on a dark blue and it pops very nicely on that color.

Width in stitches: 174

Height in stitches: 247

Estimated finished size:

14 count: Calculating size..

16 count: Calculating size..

18 count: Calculating size..

This does NOT account for extra fabric for framing, you should leave at least 2 inches each side for this. For a more accurate finished size, use our favourite cross stitch calculator.