Photo of Fantasia cross stitch pattern


Starts on 30/06/2023 and ends 27/11/2023

French knots

Hello and welcome to the Fantasia SAL! This SAL will feature one square to represent each piece/movement in the classic 1940s Fantasia SAL. Get your sorcerer’s hat at the ready and your tutu Ɵed and join me on a musical journey through classical pieces by greats like Tchaikovsky, Bach, and Beethoven as seen through Disney’s eyes.

Colours required: 60

Recommended Fabric: aida - I would suggest colors other than red, light blue or gray. There is a lot of medium and light blue in the frame. A purple or teal would look very nice.

Width in stitches: 180

Height in stitches: 178

Estimated finished size:

14 count: Calculating size..

16 count: Calculating size..

18 count: Calculating size..

This does NOT account for extra fabric for framing, you should leave at least 2 inches each side for this. For a more accurate finished size, use our favourite cross stitch calculator.