Photo of Wonders of the Hubble Space Telescope cross stitch pattern


Starts on 10/01/2023 and ends 10/11/2023


Partial stitches

You will stitch depictions of beautiful photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Once completed you will have a stunning heirloom cross stitch picture to treasure. The booklets include detailed explanations of everything you are stitching, so no prior astronomy knowledge is needed. This is a mystery stitchalong, so you won’t see the other pattern sections until they are revealed each month. The stitchalong runs for 9 sections, from January to November 2023. Some sections for the stitchalong are larger rectangles, and some are smaller squares, as shown in the first image.

Colours required: 79

Recommended Fabric: aida - I have designed this pattern so that it can be adapted to be stitched on nearly any colour of fabric of your choice. It has been model stitched on dark blue fabric, and black fabric would also suit it well, and the exact patterns given are for stitching on dark fabric that could represent the night sky.

Width in stitches: 158

Height in stitches: 199

Estimated finished size:

14 count: Calculating size..

16 count: Calculating size..

18 count: Calculating size..

This does NOT account for extra fabric for framing, you should leave at least 2 inches each side for this. For a more accurate finished size, use our favourite cross stitch calculator.