Photo of CAKE (mini) cross stitch pattern

CAKE (mini)

Free Cross Stitch Pattern by The Retro Stitcher


Pattern Info

This is a miniaturized version of my FULL-SIZE CAKE pattern. For full pixel-look keep good tension and make stitches that allow full coverage.

This is the amount of thread I used to achieve the “pixel perfect” look for full stitches. This may differ for you depending on how tight you stitch and the kind of finish you want to achieve.

18ct - 3 threads
14ct - 4 threads
11ct - 5 threads

Width in stitches: 70

Height in stitches: 80

Estimated finished size:

14 count: Calculating size..

16 count: Calculating size..

18 count: Calculating size..

This does NOT account for extra fabric for framing, you should leave at least 2 inches each side for this. For a more accurate finished size, use our favourite cross stitch calculator.

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